Electric Pet Doors: The Best Selling Electronic Pet Door In The World!


If people can have automatic doors that open and close using magnetic cards or voice commands, pets can also have powerful doors!

 Pets are full of funny creatures. They like to play and play with other animals. Some pets like dogs like to run in the field. They cannot tell the owner that they want to leave, and the owner did not always have time to verify. Because of this, the pet door is valuable. But the problem with the traditional fin door is that the fin can be easily dragged by the strong wind. Pests can easily enter the house.

The launch of automatic pet doors was a great success. Many people prefer electric doors instead of conventional pet doors because electronic doors allow pets to enter and leave the house more easily and without the owner’s intervention. Electric doors continue to be popular with pet lovers due to their advanced technology and convenience.

 What is the electric pet door?

 The electric pet door Sydney is an electronic pet door that opens automatically with or without pressing. Only pets open the door. The electric pet door uses a sensor to detect the collar the dog is wearing. This electronic door has been added to your home with very high technology and your pet will be greatly appreciated.

 In the past, automatic pet doors opened every time a nearby object was detected. The objective may be unwanted animals such as rats, skunks, crocodiles and raccoons. The latest model of the electric pet door is much more stable. They use rings to detect pets.

Advanced features

  1. Direction sensor: the electric pet door opens only when the dog approaches directly. Activate the direction sensor and calculate the distance between your pet and the door. If the pet is wandering, the door will not open.
  2. Convenient use: Many people like pet doors because they are very easy to install and do not consume too much electricity. There is also an automatic door that can be backed up with a battery, so that whenever the power is cut off. Your dog or cat can still go out to play.
  3. Magnetic and infrared RFID: a tool to measure how far your pet is from your home. These tracking devices will notify you immediately if your cat/dog have moved too far from the door.
  4. Easy installation: installing an electric pet door is not an easy task. Can be installed on walls or door glass installation Central Coast are not required and can be installed with only eight screws.
  5. One pet at a time: if you have many pets, only one can enter and leave at a time, so you can better control the movement.

Greater tranquillity

 Your pet will love Power Pet Moon! And you too! This is because pets can enter and leave freely while preventing unwanted animals from entering the house. The door is a complete hermetic system that can withstand the wind and weather perfectly.