Working Of Class Harvest Machine!

Harvesting machine is used to gathered ripe crops. Harvesting machine has several benefits in agricultural farm. It reduces time of gathering crops. By the help of harvesting machine crop gathering, reaping and cutting of crop is done in just couples of hours. Harvesting machine is called picking crop machine. Harvesting machine has several benefits. Harvesting machine is doing work in following steps:

Steps for harvesting crop:

Moist level: before harvest crop measure moist level of crop. Measuring of moist level is necessary because every crop has different level of moisture.

Performance: for better performance of machine, check it before use. Grease every part of machine for better performance and operation. For better performance check the sickle sharpness.

Inspect feeder house: inspect the chain and slat of machine and in case of any worn, broke or bent; replace it. Drive belt should also be checked, change the belt if it is broken.

Examine the equipment: examine the equipment of machine for better performance. Check time to time air pressure and also oil level in machine. Check every part of machine i.e. dust, dirt and any other part to avoid hindrance in operation. For more information about wheel spacers in Australia please go right here.

Adjust header: adjust header to avoid any kind of interruption in operation.

Adjust reel speed: adjustment of reel speed to the ground helps in faster machine working. Check behind the machine to avoid losing of crop. Inspect optimal setting and set it to avoid losing crop.

For good threshing: every crop needs different level of speed for threshing. Try to set minimum level of speed of thresher cylinder for better result.

 Mirror setting: try to set mirror at widest side; it helps better harvesting of crop. A good setting of mirror helps in getting better view while operation.

Cleaning shoe: for getting higher volume of grain set the sieve on wider setting. A narrow setting of cleaning shoe gives lesser amount of grain.

Be attentive: be attentive what’s around you. If you think setting needs changing so it must be change.

Grain dumping: dump the crop into truck if combiner gets full.

Grain store: store grain in any cool and dry place. Before storing any crop clean the store first and making it sure it is safe from all kinds of insects and rats or other animals.

Temperature of store: maintain temperature of store according to need of crop. Some crops need less cold temperature while some need more. Never miss the temperature level otherwise crop can be spoiled.

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