Are Custom Houses Worth It?


Building homes is a growing business worldwide. As long as there are people that need a place to live, there will be builders to help provide houses for them. A home builder is a company whose work is the creation of homes for the private sector. They coordinate with all the sectors of construction and also enlist the help of an architect to design the structural component of the house. Deciding how to choose a home builder is a mildly difficult task and requires a few hours of research and a few phone calls. You can contact the builder’s association and obtain a list of companies available. Or you can simply look at the real estate section of your newspaper. Local real estate agents can also be called for help. If nothing works, then there are always your family and friends, they will have people who are reliable and have done work for them. If you like a particular neighbor’s house, you can always go to them and ask who built their house.

Home builders are divided into two basic categories;

Custom home builder

Production home builders

Custom home builder construct on land that is already owned by you. They make one of a kind houses which are specifically designed for your need. For this an architect is included in the fold and your opinion is also heard. These are generally companies who operate in small volumes and cater mostly to the higher end of the strata. On the other hand, production custom home builders Brisbane Northside construct on land owned by themselves. The have readymade plans available but there is a variety, not a single generic option. They operate in larger volumes and build for all price ranges. It is up to you; your budget, your need and wants to decide which home builder you want to hire.

Custom houses have advantages and disadvantages. Because they are unique, there is no danger that someone will build a house similar to drive down the price. You get to put your mark on the house right from the start, from the flooring to the number of doors or windows you want in your house. Pre-designed houses do not give you such extensive rights and you will have to make changes once you move in and that can be cumbersome. As everything is brand new and the whole process is overseen by someone you trust; they are less costs of upkeep. However, custom homes take longer to complete as you start from scratch.  From finding a location that you like to finding land that is in your price range. The whole process is lengthy. They are obviously more expensive to build but will also have a good resale value. Plus, everything will be made to your liking.