Delayed Symptoms To Be Aware Of After A Car Accident 

Car accidents happen all the time; some fatal and some minor. You might see many people escape near death situations with no harm. They walk about with no injuries to be seen. This is primarily due to the adrenaline produced in your body to help you cope up with the sudden shock you went through. However this might not mean that you have not experienced any injuries. Even though you may not immediately feel any pain, there could be internal injuries that need attention. You need to be mindful of any delayed symptoms face. So here are some of no symptoms to look out for. 


Headaches are one of the first difficulties you come across after an accident. You might have most probably hit your head during the hit and the pain comes in after sometime. Usually, headaches pop up due to the sudden impact or whiplash that causes your brain to shake in a rapid pace. These might wear off after sometime, however some headaches are a warning sign for something much more serious. There could be blood clots, tissue damage or concussions that need serious attention. Traumatic brain injury is another possibility, where the soft brain tissues impact the inside of your skull, causing swelling, bleeding etc. Such brain injuries can be life threatening if not treated immediately.

Pain in the neck and shoulders

Such pain is mostly due to whiplash; the sudden jerk of the head and neck when impact. You might experience slight pain immediately after the accident, however this gets worse as the days pass. You will feel stiffness and soreness around your neck and shoulders and this can be treated through sports massage Sydney and other treatment recommended by the doctor. Sometimes the pain could be due to spinal injury which is a much serious condition and needs medical attention immediately.


Whiplash can cause numbness too. Sudden impact to the nerves of the spinal column is the cause of such numbness. You may feel tingling or a lack of sensation in your limbs and this might lead into greater injuries of not treated. For example, if you work with heavy machinery or sharp tool and your hand goes numb while working, it can cause fatal accidents. Remedial massage will be able to bring back the sensations and revamp the nerves.Behavioural changesThese changes occur due to a brain damage. Loss of memory, sense making, impaired vision or hearing, loss of appetite and even depression are some symptoms. These traumatic brain injuries can be fatal, so the sooner they are identified, the better.