There Can Only Be One

You would think so but no there are multitudes of way employers can now interview for new employees. The one on one interview still has its place but is quickly being complicated with all sorts of tests and competency requirements. This is how interview coaching has come about, having mum and dad sit you down on the coach and going through what your future boss might ask you, no longer fits the bill.

The best you can hope for is a simple telephone interview or an old fashion face to face. The rest are a lot more complex. There is the panel interview, which involves a panel of people asking you questions and generally putting you under the spotlight about who you are, what you can do and how you would fit in with their divisions. Hyperventilating material. Get to now more information about professional resume writers in Sydney.

Behavior/competency interviews this may be an offshoot of an early interview and is done to make sure you are the type of employee they want, that you don’t go running around nude in the office. That you can actually do what you claim you can do. The aptitude test is another interview that may come your way, this ensures that you can spell your name correctly and you know your butt from your head. Interview coaching has come along to help people deal with these scenarios in a calm and rational manner and you don’t go fleeing from the room with your underpants over your head in a moment of stress.

This isn’t the end of the different interviews you may face though, you still have psychometric tests, group interviews, presentations and assessment centers. Psychometric tests are tests to prove that you have all your nuts in the one basket. Though they seem to be fairly obsolete when interview coaching can guide you through these tests. You could be a lovely nice man, who just happens to bury pretty blondes on the weekend but you still pass the psychometric test because you had a bit of interview coaching done. Not to mention you can dig holes like nobody’s business.

The relevancy of all these interview styles is valid. Employers don’t want to hire someone that doesn’t know how to tie their shoe laces of a morning or goes postal in the accounts department with a stapler selection criteria for government jobs, stapling everyone’s foreheads to their desks. The problem with this is that now that people can go and get interview coaching it makes you wonder how many people get hired simply because they know the rules of the game and not because of the relevant skills they might have. If you know for a fact that someone you work with had interview coaching, hide your staplers and keep an eye out for those hand written memos that advise them which is their left and their right because you will definitely want to hire the interview coaching they had.